In last six decades, the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has contributed significantly in creating essential oil-based aroma industry in India, which has greatly helped Indian industry, farmers, progressive growers and entrepreneurs for in job creation and income-enhancement. Several CSIR institutions have contributed high-end science and technology to enable this success. However, the growth opportunities in these sectors have not yet been fully utilized in the global markets. So far, individual CSIR labs have been contributing rather independently in different parts of the country towards achieving global leadership status in the aroma sector.

In order to bring a decisive and transformative change in the rural economy, market dynamics and growth opportunity, a mission has been conceptualized which aims to provide end-to-end technology and value-addition solutions across the country at a sizable scale. This mission will bring transformative change in the aroma sector through scientific interventions in the areas of agriculture, processing and product development for fuelling the growth of aroma industry and rural employment.